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AdelieQueen is my alt account and my personal website can be found here

I worked in game design and was published in two short story collections a few years ago. I got a cert 3 in IT before I was 16 and it's my Biggest Regret™ because now the old farts in my family ask me for help constantly

Currently I'm writing a full-length novel series (special thanks to Hui-Lin for all their help as a beta reader!) and by my math the entire thing should be done in 2018 if I work on it as a whole
Check out it's super WIP website

I fave and run a lot; it's nothing personal (a +fave means I really liked your work!) I have bad anxiety and it effects my social ability. If you want feedback on anything I've faved please just ask.


look i know my cookies dont have much to go on for advertisements but??
why do you kee p advertising my own artwork to me please stop…

Although they are referred to as "Sentients", they are not the only sentient species on Demrefor; there are several sentient Mystic and Bestial species.
Sentients, however, are the species with the most advanced technology. They have world travel and communicate with those outside their own kind, unlike sentient Mystics and Bestials. They are also believed to have mostly descended from common genetic ancestors due to their ability to cross-breed, even when they look vastly different.

i stg tho if when i finish my book and if it gets popular and i ever see the sentence "linzors not evil just misunderstood" i will get so angry i will travel back in time to today and strangle myself as i type out this status so that my book is never finished
I drew Centy's mum if anyone is interested (she has nipples and bruises be warned)

Centy's Parents by AdelieQueen
I fucking love her oka y she's such a good person
also if I haven't said before the reason she's with Linzor is she fucking,,,, saved like 50 people from harpies at the cost of her own freedom and even after 20 years of hell her first reaction is to stand up against the Linzor to protect her adopted son

she is a fucking HERO and I will not hear a word against her

i need to actually draw centy's mum (scars and all) shes such a good character and she needs a big hug after what she's going to go through in the series

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